Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sanity Must Be Relative

The past two days in a row have started off with a bang... and by bang I mean at least 2 children crying, consecutively, from the moment they all wake up in the morning until the moment I put them to bed for naps around noon. I hope and pray that they are teething and this is not our new "normal".

I made the comment to Ms. Faye yesterday that it is nothing short of a miracle that God has spared my sanity while I have been both the source of their comfort and apparent cause for most of their incessant crying! Actually, as I mentioned before I believe teeth are the main cause, but wanting me to hold them and finding my lap already filled to capacity with one or two other sisters has been like a cruel joke. It's not that I've not had help... Kelli, Faye, Debbie, Kay, Donna, Nick, John, Bee, Sherry and as always Mimi (my mom) have all been here off and on, but for the most part they want their mommy (or in Sarah's case, Mimi), and nothing else will do.
I still am able, through the grace of God, to look back on this same time last year and think... wow, life is so much better now! The best part is I don't remember this time last year being all that bad either.
I'm not writing this to elicit pity; somehow it is just my reality right now and I don't even mind, assuming, of course, the constant crying comes to a stop soon?!? I do think it is important to document it so I'll remember when they are 2 and 3 and tearing the place apart (and I'm blogging away my complaints) what was so hard about 1 and 2.

So, my conclusion is that sanity must be relative, and while I'm absolutely thankful for every one of my beautiful little daughters, I'm also incredibly grateful for 6:30pm these days... and the memory (or lack thereof) that God has given me!

January 2007

January 2007
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Dorinda said...

Cute pictures from last year - amazing how far one year takes us! Soooo glad to hear that I'm not the only one peeling 3 babies off of me :) And the screaming. Aagh, I think my ears are still ringing. Thank God babies are supposed to sleep a lot!!

JMT said...

I like the B&W photos! Very Cute.