Friday, January 4, 2008

Quirky, Funny, Smart

Just describing my girls in the title there...

This morning Ella was playing with one of her old baby dolls that never got a name. She was taking very good care of her along with Allison Anne, a new baby she got for Christmas. I asked what the other baby's name was and out of the blue she said, " Mom, her name is Charlie- you know, after Charlie Wilson's War." Now, I should have prefaced this with the fact that in this house we very rarely watch any television other than Noggin while the girls are awake so she's never heard of the movie. Scott has just finished reading that book though, and Ella is a very observant listener. She must have heard the two of us discussing the book at some point over the holidays! By this afternoon she has decided to change Charlie's name.... she is now going to be a treat for Daddy when he gets home this evening- Charlie Wilson's Mom is what she's going by these days.

Also, this morning while we were all lounging around playing Kate came over to me and wanted to be picked up. I scooped her up, and sat down with her. She started to squirm and pull on her long shirt sleeves. Then she began saying, "Tica, tica, tica, tica" which I'm pretty sure means Tickle me please, mom. I thought that was so funny. Kate loves to be tickled, and now she knows exactly how to get it!


AUNT BEE said...

that is very funny that ella picked up on that! I think liking to be tickled runs in the family. I use to love to sit and church and let you or kari tickle my arm.

Kate said...


glad you are coming along for Engage the Journey. I pray it will be a great blessing in your very busy life!
I hvae one 8 month old boy and can't imagine how wonderfully hectic your life must be with triplets. God bless you, new friend!

Kate McDonald