Friday, January 25, 2008

Little Streakers

Tonight as I was browsing through my emails and preparing to call it a night, I heard Maggie begin to cry. After 5 minutes she was still crying, so I went in to see what the problem was.... I reached in to pick her up and felt cold, bare skin. She had managed to remove her pajamas and diaper and slept that way for some time before wetting her bed. I carried her little, cold, wet self to Scott, and he diapered and clothed her while I changed the bed.

I've been battling with Kate over clothes all week. It is still cold here, and for the most part she has run around with a shirt and diaper only because that is all I can keep on her. Within minutes of dressing them in the mornings, she takes her pants off. She loves to try on different shirts and dress up clothes, but apparently she hates pants. She is also capable of taking off her pj's, or at least unzipping them. This morning when Scott went to change her diaper he discovered that she had unzipped, loosened the diaper (it fell down around one leg inside the pj's), and then zipped herself back up. He was not thrilled about the fact that the diaper was only wet, but the child inside the pajamas was also covered in poop! Yuck!!

I've read horror stories of people having to duct tape diapers on toddlers and putting kids in footie pajamas backwards to keep them in their clothes... Guess it is about that time for us as well. We're hoping this is one of those very short- lived phases!!


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Oh, and I've just been frustrated that my kids won't leave their socks on. I sure hope that phase isn't a couple months away for us. I love Ella's answers to the questions. She is so cute.

PhotoChick said...

Ask The Dairy Wife what she ended up doing when her 3 started stripping! Really - I don't remember...! I just recall the funny stories of how my aunt would find them all naked or nearly there.
I love reading your cute, funny stories! I always leave your site with a smile. Hope all is well - take care & God Bless!

Brandi said...

i am dreading this phase already

The Dairy Wife said...

Mary Beth,

It's time! Hee-Hee!

Sadly I did turn them around backwards ... religiously, even for nap.

Then come this past summer I had a hard time finding pj's that I could zip backwards, so I cut the arms off and the feet out of the winter ones. I was desperate. Then I found footless ones at Baby Gap, but still they had long sleeves, but were thinner fabric.

I know my kids looks awful in cut up pajama's this past summer, but at least I didn't have poop parties.

Thank goodness we're past that now!

Good Luck! Unfortunately triplets seem to feed off of each other ... and they all do it together. lol.


Kelli said...

oh my goodness MB!! I had not even thought of this! My Christian LOVES to take his pants off....during nap time, while playing, as soon as I put them name it! I cannot even imagine what it is going to be like once he figures out how to unzip his PJs!!!!

So much to look forwrad to!

I can just picture your face when you realied what your baby girl did!

- Kelli

Amanda L said...

Well you know what Chase says...If someone gets naked you just gotta join in. Thankfully he never joined in during the middle of the night.

The Dairy Wife said...

I just had to re-read this again.

If you want the "fashionista jammiella's" (cut out arms and feet) you are welcome to them.

Just never let anyone else see them! Can you spell .... U.G.L.Y. But, no poop parties are guaranteed!

Hee Hee!