Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

Scott broke his glasses at Reserve Drill on Sunday, and Mondays are just about the only weekday that we don't have anyone around to help out with the kids. So, we decided to load everyone up after morning naps and head to the mall yesterday. Scott had an appointment at the Lens Crafters there to find some new frames at 12:30pm, and of course, we barely arrived there in time. That meant that only minutes after landing in the food court at a table and beginning to hand out lunch to our hungry little mass of people, Scott had to leave me ALL BY MYSELF with the girls, in public! Amazingly, we did just fine. When everyone finished eating, I loaded them back into the Runabout and had Ella grab hold of her "leash" as she calls it, and we took off to explore the mall. We were stopped a fair amount of times so that I could explain that they are triplets and all girls and my hands are still full. However, I think the funniest comments I overheard yesterday while I was looking like Supermom were the ones where one person turned to the others they were with and said in a hushed tone... "I don't think I'd ever try to get out by myself with four little ones!" Yeah, I heard them say it, but they weren't saying it to me, so I didn't bother to explain that my dear husband was with us and otherwise occupied at the moment. For a little while I was even beginning to feel like Supermom... until Ella had to go to the bathroom and I realized that the Runabout doesn't fit into any of the restrooms in our little mall! After a quick trip to Lens Crafters to leave the trio and their gigantic stroller with Scott, Ella and I made it to the bathroom just in time....for a small battle over whether she would actually go in the public restroom there in the mall because of the loud shushers. I convinced her to go by promising not to flush (and to think I used to wonder who in the world was leaving those public potties un-flushed!). We finished our business and headed back for the girls. Scott was still waiting for someone to help him, so the girls and I rolled out once again on our own. The entire time we were dining I had been promising Ella I would take her on the Carousel. I decided that we should all ride while we were waiting on Scott. Hence this post's title, "What Was I Thinking?!?". It was a mini train wreck. I first got all the tokens. Then removed the girls from the Runabout and pointed them in the direction of the entrance. The lady taking up tokens was neither annoyed by the incredible amount of time it took us to all board, nor was she helpful in any way. Thankfully the other patrons of the Carousel didn't seem to mind at all! We eventually made it into one of the circular seats. I didn't recall Carousels going so fast, but boy did that thing ever spin. Ella enjoyed the ride thoroughly, and I spent the entire time trying to keep Kate from climbing over the edge and falling face first to the floor and keep Maggie and Sarah inside the little car. Getting back off when the ride was over took about the same amount of time, and we attracted quite a crowd of gawkers... what mother of triplets plus all under 3 would consider riding the carousel by herself with all her children?!? I can name one for certain who won't be attempting that again for a long, long time. Meanwhile, Scott was STILL waiting for someone to help him with the new frames, so after I had everyone safely loaded back into the Runabout and moderately under control again, we headed back to Lens Crafters to "hurry Daddy up". He was helped rather quickly when Ella began pushing every pair of glasses back on their stands, putting fingerprints on the glass doors, and swinging the sign that was hanging in the window. Of course, I was trying to keep up with her, but the Runabout doesn't maneuver as quickly as a 2.5 year old. I did the best I could, and it turns out that my inability to keep Ella's hands off things likely got Scott the help he needed even quicker than he would have been able to get himself. Glad we were able to help!!
All in all, we had a great day, and I'm glad we ventured out.