Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daylight Savings?!?

Tonight we reeled a little bit over our bedtime routine and the fact that daylight savings has changed everything and temporarily "rocked our world". I mean we were up at the crack of dawn, I couldn't decided when to put them down for morning nap, and afternoon nap was late and only took for two of the four. I finally decided tonight to just feed them when they were hungry and wait to put them all to bed when they seemed tired... what a novel concept. For this scheduled, scared-y mom, it was a big deal. However, some real good fun came out of it too. Kate spent her extra awake time putting on hairbands and pushing all the pillows off the couch. Sarah made good use of her time by carrying around the lotion bottle asking everyone to "help, please" her get some out. Mischief Maggie was into everything as usual... spilling bottles of milk, falling down on purpose and accident, and dancing up a storm. Finally, Ella took honors for funniest this evening by carrying around an old plastic camera asking us to all stop and say cheese. She then proceeded to go to the computer, wave her hands in front of it, and declare that she was putting us all on her bog.... ummmm, I guess she means blog?!? Here they are... captured in the last couple of days.

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Denise Wheeler said...

They all look so adorable. We kind of had a hard time with daylight savings too. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and our schedules will be a little bit more a track. I hope you don't have to get up to early in the morning because of this.

Candace said...

Hey, I'd wondered how you would do Sunday! Sam and I laughed at the thought of all the girls asleep at 5:30, and felt sorry for you too (knowing this meant a very early morning start on Monday).

Our smallest one decided he didn't pay attention to the time change and was up at 5:15 Monday morning!

It was 7 before he laid down again, but big brother was up at 6:30, so I still wasn't free to sleep.

Poor guy - I turned on Curious George for him to watch while I closed my eyes for a few minutes. Next thing I know, he DIDN'T wake me up when it ended, but watched 1 1/2 hours of tv before I woke up!!

Christie McGovern said...

MB! Your girls are soo cute, I just want to squeeze them!!! Your neighborhood (where DH is walking) looks absolutely beautiful! We were all up and playing at 5:30. Seems to be back to normal though. Hope it is getting better for you all.

Jennifer said...

yes, it won't be long until Ella is updating your blog for you.

we are suffering a bit with the time change too. even though we have been preparing for two weeks, shifting nap and bedtimes by 15 mins, then by 30 mins the following week. our babies are still waking up at 5:30ish.