Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Season Begins

Scott and I have been working really hard lately to try and make all our Christmas preparations ahead of time so that we will be able to fully enjoy this entire season with the girls.
We had the tree up by the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, we are only using a tall, skinny, fake tree this year... we already have enough living creatures under our roof, no time to water a tree. We placed it between the couch and love seat so that it stands a chance of not being pulled over, and if it is, hopefully it won't land on a child this way. The girls were all pretty excited about it on Saturday morning when they woke up and saw it for the first time. Sarah usually takes visitor over to it, points, laughs, and shows it off proudly. In the morning when they wake up I can say, "Let's go see if we still have a tree", and they all take off running for the living room!
We have lots of our Christmas gifts already ordered and on the way. Ella says that all the babies need is a baby doll (check), and she wants 1- a doctor kit (check), 2-a "booty parlor"(check), and 3- a baby doll(check).
Back in the pre-baby days, I used to always try to have my Christmas cards addressed and ready to send by Dec. 1. Of course, back then I wasn't using adorable photos of the girls as our holiday greeting. Perhaps that is why this year I lost my mind and actually sent most of my cards out the day after Thanksgiving... it wasn't even December! Oh well, we haven't had any complaints yet... not out loud anyway.
As a result of all the pre-planning, I actually had a chance to sit on the couch, sip hot apple cider, read a great book, and listen to my new Michael W. Smith Christmas CD last night while I was waiting for Scott to come home. The music reminded me of some of the great cantatas that our church has presented for Christmas in years past. I put a link on the sidebar in case anyone is interested in listening and trying it out online.
Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty yet to do before we're fully ready for Christmas here. However, I feel great to already be at the point where I can sit back and soak in all the joy and excitement that the girls seem to radiate this time of year!
Maggie, Sarah, & Kate showing off their tree and the new, funky shirts KayKay brought back from her Thanksgiving trip
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Denise Wheeler said...

They look so happy! I love the shirts. It is nice to know I am not the only one out there that feels the same way about Christmas. I think the kiddos make it that much more special. We didn't really get a chance to enjoy it last year because they had just come home from the hospital and they didn't have a clue and we were sooooo sleep deprived. I am so excited about this Christmas.