Tuesday, November 27, 2007

15 Month Stats

We took the girls for their 15 month check-ups today. Here are the stats:

Maggie: Weight- a little over 21 lbs (25%)
Height- 31" (70%)
Head circumference- 18.5 (80%)

Kate: Weight- 20.5 lbs (15%)
Height- 31" (70%)
Head circumference- 18.25 (65%)

Sarah: Weight- 19.25 lbs (9%)
Height- 31" (70%)
Head circumference- 18 (45%)

The doc says they are all doing great...all right on track developmentally, ahead of schedule with their vocabularies, and just perfectly wonderful! I totally agree. Kelli went along to help again, and Debbie met us down there, so we were one on one. Sarah charmed the doctor by almost toppling head over heels to point out her belly button when asked where it was located. After her turn was over she needed a little snack break and then started signing "more water please". She did that a couple of times before Debbie said, "MaryBeth, what is she saying?". I could tell immediately, and when we gave her a sip of her water she laughed because she knew exactly how she got what she wanted. She even tried to sneak into my lap for a second turn at being examined. Kate and Maggie played shy at first, but they both eventually warmed up to the doctor. At the end they had to have 2 shots. They cried briefly and were over it quickly. Kelli and I agreed that it went much better than the 12 month visit. Unfortunately, due to our mixed up vaccine schedule they will have to have 3 shots at their 18 month visit.


Whitney said...

Hi Mary Beth,
I hope you are feeling better! Sounds like the girls are doing GREAT. We go for our 2nd flu shot tomorrow. Hopefully there won't be much crying!!

I sent you an email tonight about the naps. I am sorry it took me awhile to get back to you!


Denise Wheeler said...

Sounds like everyone is doing great! How awesome! I am glad the visit went well.

Jennifer said...

great visit. glad to hear the girls are growing and developing so well. they sound advanced!