Monday, October 1, 2007

First Family Night Supper

I'm trying to play a little bit of catch-up both with pictures and things that we've been up to lately, so please forgive the several posts at once tonight.

Wednesday night the girls attended their first ever Family Night Supper at church. We have them monthly throughout the school year, and this was our first one for the year. This time last we we were on the list of families that had meals delivered or we would just go pick-up because the babies were preemies and couldn't be exposed to all those germs. Ella would occasionally get to go with Mimi, Do-dah, or Nanny C to enjoy everyone's company.... then we'd just germ-x her down really well when she got home! I can't even believe how much life has changed for us in this one year!!

The girls all had a good time. We took the choo-choo wagon, which they love, and they just rode around happily taking it all in. We brought their seats, and they enjoyed the meal too.... I guess (it was quite a mess in our area so I can't be sure how much they actually consumed). We're looking forward to the monthly fellowship opportunity with the other members of church outside of service and nursery. It is a blessing to be able to watch one of the many communities who prayed for the girls' safe arrival now playing with them and enjoying the little people who they are becoming....
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