Thursday, September 20, 2007

On the Move

One of the same age group triplet moms posted a question regarding babies and climbing a few days ago on our forum. Here was my response.

I have one Houdini, one climber, and one walker.
The girls were at my mom's one day last week when she had to call my dad inside from working to help her. He said she was in a panic saying that she had LOST one of the babies. She went to the bathroom and left them all 3 playing in their toy box in her family room. When she came back just minutes later Kate wasn't there. The basement door was locked, the gate was up at the bottom of the stairs going to the upper level, and all the outside doors were closed, but she couldn't find Kate anywhere. Mom is generally very level-headed, but that day after she checked under the bed, behind the furniture, and made 3 laps around her house calling for Kate, she phoned my dad to get inside ASAP... meanwhile I was in town with Ella. Almost as soon as dad walked in the door mom happened to look up to the top of the staircase, and there was Kate... smiling like the Cheshire cat! All the times mom had called her name and walked by the staircase, I just can't help but wonder if she was sitting up there grinning. We have no idea how she got around, under, over or through the gate and banister rails. I just can't imagine her head, much less her body would fit through either of them, but climbing the outside of the gate is also very hard to believe.
Maggie will climb on anything that presents itself. Yesterday she pushed a little tykes chair into the bathroom and used it to climb up onto the bathroom counter. This morning she used the same chair to climb up onto the table out in the play room. I walked in after sweeping the kitchen floor quickly and found her "dancing" up on the table. I almost had a heart attack. Later this morning all 3 girls worked together to push a little plastic chair up to the big rocking chair in Ella's room and then they proceeded to climb up into it and rock it together. Gotta love teamwork!
Sarah has finally decided that walking is better than crawling. Somehow this seems far less stressful than Maggie's climbing and Kate's disappearing skills! To borrow words from Dr. Seuss... Oh, the places we'll go (when they are all 3 walking)! Yikes!!


The Dairy Wife said...

Whoa! Sounds like double gate time! Quite the little climber isn't she? Scary too!

But she's so cute!