Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Chase

Ella and I went to Chase's birthday party this afternoon. I had a couple of cute shots to share. Look at those cheeks blowing out all 6 candles! Whew!!

Ella sat with Ansley while making a cute little sponge bob creature. She loves, loves to glue things. We've started doing "school" together in the mornings while the babies are napping, and she cuts, colors, glues, has memorized a couple of Bible verses, and all kinds of other things, but if you asked her I bet she'd say her favorite part is getting to use glue.
Here's a picture of her creation. I am such a nutty perfectionist that I have to use all my strength to just let go and let her do her own crafty thing.... hence the one eye and half bottle of glue poured out onto Amanda and Chris' back deck this afternoon. I love that she enjoys this kind of thing! Sorry about the extra glue we left behind, and thanks a bunch just wait until Chase's next birthday for the whole new bottle you sent home with her.

We finally made our way to the car with her towel, extra clothes, craft, glue, goody bad, and all the other stuff when she informed me she hadn't given Chase his "Happy Birthday Hug". So we left all the stuff behind and headed back in one last time for the hugs. Glad we did! Happy 6th Birthday Chase, and thanks for inviting us to the great party Amanda and Chris!

In baby news: I'm still trying desperately to get a video of Sarah walking... she's been doing it for several days now, but Maggie could be caught on video first because she is taking several steps and standing awfully steady these days too. All the way home from lunch after church this afternoon the babies and Ella had squealing matches in the back of the car. At lunch it was pretty much the same. Every time Ella was out of their field of vision they started squealing her name to the best of their abilities. Sarah is very forceful and loud... pretty embarrassing for mommy in the restaurant, but fortunately it was pretty loud in there anyway. Maggie is a little bit more accurate and less loud when calling her. Kate just likes to sit back and giggle when Ella calls her name. They are so much fun to watch and listen to. I have mentioned before that Ella says "Say-uh" instead of Sarah, right? Too cute. Anyway, we've had a great Sunday and are looking forward to a quiet Labor Day tomorrow.
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