Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fun in the Sun

The pool was way too cold on Saturday morning for the babies, so they just hung out by the water table while Ella swam with Kari and all of James' family. They had big fun splashing and throwing their little pink crocs in the water. We have picked the date for the big birthday bash... August 25th, at Mimi and Pop's pool. More details to come... can't believe a year has almost passed since these three arrived!!!
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Carolyn said...

So sute. I just love the sand/water table, but I haven't had the trio on ours yet. I will have to try it.
PS, I love the 4th pic's. Very very cute.

Kelli said...

what a neat table! Your girls look like they are having so much fun! And I wanted to tell you, each time I visit your blog, I just love the picture at the top....your girls are so adorable!

jennifer said...

the water table looks like lots of fun. will have to find one for our trips.

Whitney said...

It is amazing how quickly a year passes! We have that water table and the kids love it. I am glad your trio is enjoying it too!

In response to your question about the aquarium, I think you girls would enjoy it now but definately go at an off peak time. The kids loved looking at everything but because it was so crowded, they couldn't get close to a lot of things and we felt very rushed. I would love to go back when it is not so crowded!


hi my name is mommy said...

look at those soggy little diapers, how cute! I miss that age already.