Friday, July 13, 2007

Fabulous Friday

Well, it wasn't exactly fabulous.... nothing special in fact, but I think that from now on that will be our theme for Fridays. The babies were finally in a great nap and bedtime routine- 9am, 1pm, and 6:30pm to bed. That should have been my first clue that things were about to change. It seems that every time we get into a good groove around here, it is suddenly time for a change. Now the babies are having a hard time getting to sleep for their am naps, waking up after only an hour for afternoons, aughhhhhhh. Guess in a few days we'll have the NEW schedule figured out, but we have had some pretty strange days here lately..... hence the lack of posts.

Ella's imagination has been in overdrive for the last week. She has walked around our living room imagining that she is in all sorts of cities, in her Mimi's pool, and playing with all her friends both real and imaginary. It is funny, but my best defense mechanism for days when she skips her nap and is especially terrible in the late afternoon is to say, "Let's play pretend." She immediately assigns me the role of baby Ella and herself as the mommy..... so cute! Scott and I took her by herself out on a date last night. She was so excited all afternoon at the prospect of going on a date with us. Every time she stopped and thought about it she would just clap her hands together like she was going to burst at any moment. We planned to go to the movies then out to eat, but when we got to the theatre she declared that she absolutely didn't want to see any movie about a rat! (Maybe she takes after Amanda just a bit?) So we let her decide what we did.... we had dinner and play time at Chic-fil-a and then came back to Mimi's pool and swam.... just the 3 of us. It is so nice to spend time with her one on one. I have to make it a priority to start doing that with the babies soon too!!!

Last week Maggie learned that she can climb up onto the fireplace and eat the rocks out from under the gas logs. Thankfully my Pop came and placed some plywood permanently over the opening so there will be no more rocks consumed... from our fireplace anyway. We are also having to tie one of her legs to the table on occasion to get her to sit in her seat for meals... she is such an escape artist that the belt around her waist doesn't do the trick anymore.

Kate has been the most easygoing baby this week. She has been generally happy, only tries a couple of times to steal someone else's toy before she moves on to find her own, and several times she has gone missing only to be found playing by herself in Ella's closet. She's the best eater I've got right now. She also can get up on the fireplace and thinks it is a great place to play. She still cheeses with a crinkled up nose any time the camera is in sight.

Sarah has a whole host of new noises that are cracking us up these days. I've been trying to catch her with the video camera, but not having any luck. I think anytime she finds something interesting... primarily books and hats, she is set off. The noise is almost a coo, but not quite. It's very hard to describe, but hopefully I'll catch it and post a video soon. She has learned to play defense so that the other two can't steal toys away from her. When she sees them coming she will tuck the toy into her tummy and spin around in circles so that they can't take it away.

That's all for now, but I will try to get some new pictures in the next few days.... seems they are changing almost daily now!
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Katherine said...

I remember the days when naptime seemed to change daily. For a few weeks in a row, when we would try to push past the morning nap in order to get one good long afternoon nap, we had lunch at the strangest times and often one of the boys would fall asleep in their oatmeal. A change of the diaper would usually wake them up just enough to get the rest of lunch in and then it was right to bed for a 3 hour nap with a full tummy.

Once they settled down into this new schedule, life was good for a long time until they gave up the nap at 4.5. Our boys are now 9 and we still have a resting time in the afternoon so I can take my nap. I'm not so willing to give it up just yet.

Best wishes on settling into a new schedule.


hi my name is mommy said...

I would say every day is Fabulous when you look that cute in a swimsuit! Adorable Adorable!