Friday, June 29, 2007

Not my proudest moment...

Or should I say, don't read if you have a weak stomach. Ella may be a smart girl, but she is going through a less than pleasant 2 year old phase (at least I hope it is only that) of picking her nose all the time. The story she will one day wish I didn't post goes like this: Yesterday morning Kay Kay went to help Ella go potty. E has become pretty independent and only likes to use the big potty without her potty seat. That is fine with me... makes her much more portable. Anyway, she had Kay remove the potty seat so she could hold herself up and "not shaul in". Then as Kay went to help her up onto the potty, just as nonchalantly and politely as you could imagine, she said, "Here Kay-Kay, could you please hold this booger for me?" Thank goodness Kay didn't run straight for the door and instead stuck around to explain to her that there are things that you just can't ask someone to do for you. Oh my goodness!!! I was mortified... Suggestions for getting a 2 year old to stop picking her nose at any given time? Please???


Whitney said...

Mary Beth -
This one made me laugh out loud! I can't wait until our trio can talk. I am sure one day I will wish they couldn't but I can't wait to hear what they will come up with!