Monday, May 21, 2007

No More 3rd Nap, and Visitors

The last couple of days we've been having schedule issues. The girls are outgrowing their third nap of the day, I think. So one or two or all three of them haven't napped during the late afternoon as they had been doing. Today I decided to just skip it and see what happened. Not a great idea.... and then we had a visit from Scott's North Carolina cousins. I hope that they don't think it is really this awful around here all the time! E skipped her nap today as well, and that made her a real "joy" to be around. At any rate, we certainly enjoyed their company and having them meet all the girls and hope they'll come back again. With any luck the babies will be back to normal again once they make this big transition down to two naps.... and hopefully I'll figure out how to keep E taking at least one nap for a little while longer. She's only two- I'm not ready to give that nap up!!!