Monday, May 21, 2007

Miss Independence

I've heard about the phenomenon where after a child turns two some switch is flipped and they suddenly begin talking and understanding on a much different level than before. I personally didn't expect to experience this because E is already so much of a talker... her nickname is "Chatty Cathy" after all. However, over the last three days she has been in an almost stream of consciousness like state... if it crosses her mind, it comes out of her mouth, and I'm frankly amazed at the things that are crossing that little mind of hers! She has been incredibly independent, interactive, willful (what 2 year old isn't), and even lots of the time helpful. Yesterday morning, as I was feeding all the babies, I had M's bottle propped and E informed me that she was going to hup me. She looked down at M, grabbed her bottle from her, and said, "You're not huppin' M. It's not your job. You're not da big sista." Later, she was eager to call her Gamma but she wasn't home. When Scott asked if she wanted to try again she said, "No- too bad, so sad!" There have been 1,000 other little things over the last few days, but of course I can't recall them at the moment. So I've included a short video of little miss independence who, after picking out her own jammies and brushing her own teeth, wanted to blow dry her own hair tonight before bed... the look on her face was too funny!


Kit said...

Ella, you are such a big girl!!!!
How many syllables are in the word "HAIR"???