Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Cupid

My dear sweet Maggie came stomping into the bathroom where I was showering this morning at five minutes after 6am. Her feet were stomping mad and she was pumping her little fist in the air as she squirmed her way between the inner and outer shower curtains so that I could see how angry she was. She said, "He didn't come. He didn't come Mom, and it's all YOUR fault!"

I was still trying to wake up, and at this point I was completely unable to imagine who didn't pay her a visit last night. She proceeded to rant and rave about the fact that there were no hearts, chocolates, or arrows lying around the house, oh, and she didn't feel 'in love' with anybody either!

Thanks to her continued tirade I was able to surmise that Cupid was the missing culprit, and I was at fault for being up before the sun. "He must not have had time to get by here yet, and now he won't come because you are up."

My apology dripped with sarcasm as I explained that I was up extra early in order to make a heart shaped crumb cake for her and her sisters for Valentine's day.

At first I wasn't sure where she got her crazy ideas. We don't really "do" Valentine's day here. Sure we make cards, crayon hearts, and airplanes for classmates, but we try to Love One Another Well everyday so there is never much of a big deal made over Feb. 14th.

I got a pretty good idea where all the Cupid stuff came from several hours later while visiting her class. I happened to notice Maggie asking another little girl, in very hushed tones, whether Cupid had visited her last night or not. The other little girl said, "Of course not, tonight is the night." She was clearly Maggie's source of info on Cupid. She spoke with authority, and I could tell Maggie was believing every word she said.

So tonight I found this little note scribbled on to a white board at the foot of Maggie's bed. The picture is terrible, but it basically says, "Cupid, My sisters say you aren't real. But I think you are." After Maggie was asleep and I had snapped a few pictures, I erased her message to cupid and then wrote a reply. "Dear Maggie, There is no greater love in this world than God's love for you! I'll be back in a few years with hearts and arrows. Love, Cupid"


Katie said...

This is absolutely adorable! How sweet!