Monday, March 28, 2011


I've been striving recently to be a more intentional "yes" mom... yes to Popsicles, yes to playing games when I should be cleaning, yes to the snow cone machine, yes to water colors painting, yes to cinnamon rolls for breakfast every now and then, yes to reading aloud to the girls any time they ask.... the list goes on.

My efforts have not been without rewards. In addition to tons of extra smiles, giggles, and thanks, I keep finding these little love notes and certificates posted all over our house telling me I'm a "spectacular parent"and "doin' a good job". Ella even wrote a poem for me: "Pritte grle, pritte grle, I like you cus your famulee and you are silee." Translation: Pretty girl, pretty girl, I like you because you are family and you are silly.

I never imagined one 6 year old and three 4 year olds could be so much fun!


Laura said...

How sweet! You are a great Mom and a great example to us all!

Dorinda said...

I do love this age! Maybe we can just get them to stay 4 :) I completely understand about the clothes thing!! I do think our girls would all get along.

Love the notes to mom - too cute.