Friday, March 11, 2011

Party Ramblings

This was the only decent picture that I have from Ella's party this afternoon/ evening even though it doesn't have all her guests in it. We successfully managed afternoon snack and outside playtime with 4 extras here. Then the birthday girl and friends made their own pizzas... rolled out the homemade dough themselves and everything. Big mess, but equally big fun. The three littles enjoyed some non-homemade pizza while all the pizza making was taking place.

We should have quit while we were ahead, but instead after another round of outside playtime we had cake and ice cream.... and more outside playtime, though by then it was quite cool out.

Shortly after I made everyone come in and we had just settled in to watch our movie, one of our friends erupted with vomit without any warning... all over the living room, and the rest of the evening was spent cleaning up(only if you were me) and trying to stay away from any place the cute little fountain had been earlier (everyone else). Long after he left the girls were still running around fretting over his previous whereabouts. Maggie actually went to bed crying because he had been in their room this afternoon. *She really hates to be sick*

I learned a few things at the party tonight. 1- My kids have pretty darn good aim when it comes to vomit. 2- Six year old girls will be dramatic about EVERYTHING... even if they have to make up stuff to be dramatic about, but especially if they don't! 3- God really knew what he was doing when he blessed me with a house full of girls because boys are so rough and tumble... oh. my. stars. I know it is the way they are made, but I would live in a nice padded room if I had 4 boys full time I believe. 4- A nice hot shower really does a great job of literally and figuratively washing off the day.

We said a little prayer for our friend together after he left that he would be well soon, and Ella added in a little "Please God, don't let the rest of us get it"..... which I completely hoped too, but as I was typing this I was called away to help one of my littles. More clean up for me, and now my shower has worn off. Time for bed because this could be a long night.


Ms. ~K said...

Happy, Belated Birthday Miss Ella!
Ms. Kit