Tuesday, August 17, 2010

certainty and swimming

As we were driving down the road this afternoon taking a meal to friends who have a new baby, the girls were all discussing the little fellas we would be visiting....

They were asking, "So Luke is the big brother now, right?" "Right", I said.

"Since Sam is the baby he can't swim, right?" "Yes, Sam is only 3 weeks old... he doesn't even hold his own head up yet, so I don't think he's ever been swimming," I answered.

"So since Luke is the BIG brother he can swim them??" I told them all I didn't know if he swam with or without swimmies and that seemed to suffice.

After a couple of minutes Sarah piped up from the back, "I swim like a mermaid..... I definitely, double know that!"


Anna said...

This made me laugh out loud. I sure do miss seeing them. I got spoiled during the last few weeks of Summer!