Monday, February 15, 2010


Yesterday morning the girls all dressed in their red dresses for church and then covered themselves with heart stickers.... so I took a couple of pictures of our little Valentine's. The picture quality was awful on all of them, but I had to go ahead and post this one because of all the facial expressions. Really, really LOVE these quirky girls!!

Valentine's Day 2010
Maggie, Kate, Ella, Sarah


Laura said...

They are all too funny but that face that Sarah is making is hilarious!

Dorinda said...

Adorable photo! Hey, not every picture can be perfect with everyone looking and smiling. After all, that would be reality now would it? :)

Love the snow pictures - hope you enjoyed what you got! We are still buried here but at least the kids are back in school.

Stephanie said...

The facial expressions really are hilarious! So glad you posted it. :)