Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fantasy World

We all live in a fantasy world here in the Four Silly Sisters household!

I can't count the number of times each day someone comes to me and asks, "Mama, will you be ___________ (fill in the blank with hundreds of random supporting characters in their imaginary worlds). I have even had to convince the girls that I can play multiple p-tend roles at the same time, since everyone NEEDS me to be part of what they are imagining at the same time.

The girls pretending fluctuates constantly between people we know in real life, to ballerinas, cheerleaders, brides, teachers, doctors, mothers... the list goes on and on.

I believe that the make believe play that they are constantly engaged in is great for their development.

As their mother, I try my best to make healthy choices for them in every aspect. I attempt to feed them nutritious foods.... limited fast food, very little processed, food dyes, additives, etc. However, today at lunch as they were going around the table exchanging greetings among their current personas I realized I'm living in a fantasy land of my own.

Sarah said, "Hi guys.... I'm Anna." (Anna our favorite friendly Papa's Pizza employee)
Ella was next, "Hi everybody, can I take your order? I'm Ms. Jan" (favorite waitress from the Waffle House)
Maggie then said, "Well, I'll be Annie from Chick-fil-A."
As usual, Kate was a non-conformist. She stuck with playing the role of Aunt Kari.

Anyone want to come over and play make believe with us? Or better yet, maybe we should just meet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner somewhere?!?