Saturday, October 10, 2009

Without Caution

We have been zooming through the days and weeks lately, and even though the signs have all indicated that we should do otherwise, we've proceeded completely without caution!

Last Sunday night we rolled up slightly late to church for the ground breaking for the new Family Life Center. We were late because all four of the girls napped during the afternoon, and that phenomenon hasn't happened again since. In fact, no one has taken a nap here all week.... unless you count the short one Scott took on one of the few days he was home, hence the out of control feeling we've been operating under.

On Wednesday evening we helped KayKay celebrate her birthday with a cookout. We had hotdogs and burgers on the grill followed by cake and ice cream. All the sugar and celebrating and a very late evening following no naps made for grouchy girls and tired parents..... and more of the out of control feelings!

On Thursday we went hiking nearby with some cousins who were visiting from out of town. The trip was great fun. Six kids age 4 and under, and we still managed to hike the entire trail without incident (even though there were plenty of warning signs.... as pictured above)! The only trouble we had was completely miscalculating the time we would spend there and except for light snacks, skipping out on food for way too many hours. So to recap the day: complete joy over spending time with family we don't see often enough, exhaustion from hiking and play ground playing, and little to no food for many, many hours. By the time we got home there was much more of that out of control thing going on, but we could hardly blame our tired, hungry children!!

Friday Ms. Faye stayed with the girls all day long while Scott worked and I delivered BBQ plates for the church fundraiser. Then the girls stayed up way too late again last night playing with friends who are here for the weekend.

Today we got together again with Heather and her crew for lunch and pumpkin painting. All of the kiddos played very hard, but I was sure to bring my gals home for an early bedtime tonight.

There is no end in sight to the fun fall busy-ness.... tomorrow we'll celebrate Nanny C's birthday, and we've got a trip to the pumpkin patch with Miss Emily planned for Monday (wonder who Sarah will pretend to be when Emily, the very person she pretends to be most days, is actually with us) .

Things aren't slowing down here anytime soon because perhaps craziest of all today we made our reservations to take the girls to Walt Disney World for the first time early next month! We haven't told them yet. I'm so excited.... but now there is all the planning and packing to think about. So here we go.... proceeding without caution!


danajk said...

Keep proceeding without caution - it seems to be working for y'all!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

I just read your comment on my blog and had to stop over here to see your beautiful girls. We will actually be at Disney at the same time as you! I have to know, how are you doing it? Are you taking strollers? Maybe we will see each other there!

Stephanie said...

Disney World! Yay. I bet your girls are going to absolutely love it.