Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Goodness: Trip to the Zoo

Pop Gary and Ms. Penny took our crew to see the animals at the zoo as part of our summer time fun this past month. The girls were almost 3 before they saw their first caged, not pastured, animal. I am most to blame for their tardiness. I don't generally like zoos. I haven't been to this particular zoo since I was in 5th grade, and things had definitely changed for the better!

I think the girls' favorite spots were the reptile house, ewww gross, I know, and the panda bears... as evidenced by the majority of these pictures. Ella was fascinated by watching one of the big snakes eat his furry rabbit for lunch, but this momma didn't have the stomach to watch, much less take pictures.

Once again, I've managed to get these photos uploaded in a wonky order, and I'm finding it to be too much trouble to change them around on my laptop. So, this will have to do for now.

Another favorite zoo destination was the playground. I was too busy playing to take pictures, but I think I've got a few cute videos to upload from that portion of our day. Perhaps once school starts back I'll be keeping up and can manage to get photos and video uploaded and into the appropriate posts... until then keep enjoying what's left of the summer!


Matthew Smith said...

We have 6 month old triplets and I love the 3 wagons in one of your pictures. Where did you get that?

MaryBeth said...

Hi Matthew, We bought our wagon from another triplet family. I don't know if we were the second or third owners. It has been one of the girls' favorite modes of transportation. I think Step 2 makes them and when you buy them new you have to add a third car separately. I would suggest checking on Atlanta Triplets & More (ATM)website to see if anyone is selling first. Congrats and enjoy those little bity babies... before you know it they'll be 3!?!

Matthew Smith said...

My wife, Jennifer, has been searching for a Choo Choo wagon and has not found anything. Step 2 has discontinued them. We went to a multiples consignment sale saturday with hops of finding one, but had no luck. When you get ready to sell let us know - we live in Habersham.

Stephanie said...

That giant nest looks fun! What a great place for photos.