Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Complete and Total Randomness

Busy, busy, busy, and a stomach bug.... that's how I'd describe our previous week. We are currently on kiddo # 3 with a stomach virus that has been hanging around here on and off since Saturday. It goes away and then comes back again. It's pretty yucky, but at least this time around Scott is home and if I succumb to it as well I won't be parenting all by my sickly self from a quilt on my driveway while the girls ride their bikes in circles around me!

We hung out with Amanda and Chris and their boys on Saturday along with some other friends of theirs from their church. It was fun, but that was where the virus first reared it's ugly head. After showing absolutely no signs of illness previous, Kate was suddenly sick there at the gathering. We headed immediately home with only one pit stop along the way.

On Sunday Kate and I stayed home from church while Scott and the others went ahead. Unfortunately Ella came home not feeling well and continued to be sick for the next 24+ hours.

When not ill and home with the sickies, we are enjoying spending time at the campground with our family and friends.... small groups of us, that is. Because we thought all was finally well, I took all the girls to the first children's program at the campground this morning. They made and planted flower pots and had a great time.

By the time we got home for lunch today, I could tell Maggie was not well. She and I have been on the couch all afternoon. She's pitiful.... and that leaves only Sarah. Who knows if she'll get it now, a few days from now, or never. Of course, we're all hoping for the latter.

Now as I read over this long list of people and places whom we've exposed to our sickly crew, I have to think that any sane person in my position would have simply kept the entire family quarantined until a couple of days after the last vomiting episode so as not to expose all their friends and family with the bug. Sorry if you happen to be among that crowd.... double sorry if any of you comes down with the bug!!

Meanwhile, Scott has finally found and purchased a new truck. We sold his before he left for Iraq and since he's been home he has been anxious to get some new wheels. Happy to have that done!

On a completely unrelated to anything note, our town is finally getting a Walmart... grand opening is tomorrow! Woohoo to no more driving 20 minutes to a yucky old one or 35 minutes to a newer one in another town when we need something from wally world.

Camp meeting continues all week, so provided we all get well we'll be spending the rest of our week and weekend there. I am so looking forward to it! It sure beats watching repeated episodes of Little Bear on Noggin between cleaning out the bucket.

Even still I wouldn't trade this job for any other in the world!


danajk said...

Bless your hearts!! I hate all sickness and germs, but I swear the stomach bugs are the Worst!!

Hope that you are done with it again for a while - or hey, maybe done forever! Wouldn't that be nice??
And hooray for having some help this time now that Scott is home!

Whitney said...

Wow - a Wal-Mart. Congratulations! My friend Josh opened his pharmacy last week in the town square. He said he knew you guys! I will be coming up in the next few weeks to visit him. Maybe we could do lunch!

Sab Mad said...

The stomach bug really does filter through you guys!! I'm so sorry for you, but so happy that you have help this time.

And Walmart - that is very exciting. We have one 1/2 mimle from my house and it is a saving grace!

JMT said...

Thanks for the dropping the large bag of hand me downs off with my brother. We really appreciate it! Sorry we got rained out last Friday, but we can try again. I read about your bike adventure at the beach, now you guys should try Cades Cove by bike. It is awesome!