Saturday, January 17, 2009

Naps are Back!

After many frustrating attempts at having an afternoon rest time as opposed to nap time, one new ceiling fan to prevent Maggie, Kate, and Sarah from being able to turn on and off the lights in their room at all hours, 2 new locks high up on the closet doors so that they can't be opened (even with child proof door knobs), and reading one exceptional book, the girls are officially napping again for around 2 hours each afternoon.

In case anyone is curious, the book is Elizabeth Pantley's No-Cry Nap Solution, and I've discussed it in great length over on our review blog. We also have a giveaway going on over there for an autographed copy of it, in case anyone is interested.

Now that we've conquered daytime sleeping once again, new pesky things are happening. Kate had a fever yesterday that was accompanied with a knee ache. Today Sarah had a fever and sick stomach for a few hours, and Kate still had a fever but instead of the knee hurting her face looks as if someone has slapped her and she has a red lacy rash on her torso. Maggie had to destroy the house single handedly this afternoon when they got up because Ella was lucky enough to spend the afternoon and night with Donna and the other two just didn't feel like playing along.

I'm hoping that all these new "developments" will pass right on through here quickly and without causing any sleep time drama! It is so nice to have those naps back....


Denise Wheeler said...

It sounds like your Kate might 5th disease, it is a virus and I don't think there is anything to for it but let it runs it course. It is contagious. Here is a link about it.
I am glad to hear the girls are napping again.

Sab Mad said...

Napping Children = Happy Children = Happy Mommy!

There are days where nap time is my favorite time of the day!! Especially when my hubby is gone! Glad to hear that naps are back on.

JMT said...

I wish I could have an afternoon nap.