Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun and Games

The girls are so funny these days. I had a revelation sometime yesterday regarding the fact that they are actually able to play by themselves and even *gasp* together without fighting for close to 15 minutes at a time these days! I don't know really when this started happening, but it is a glorious thing.

Their new favorite game is chase. Typically Kate puts on the puppy dog ears and tail and then goes in search of someone to fill the role of the kitty cat. She'll carry the cat ears and tail around saying "Let's chase each udder guys!" It is adorable.
Sarah is happy to oblige and wear the kitty cat stuff, but she is just as willing to chase everyone around without them.

The good things about the new favorite game are that they do all thoroughly enjoy chasing each other around and lots and lots of giggling takes place, and as a bonus they get out tons of energy this way.

The downside is that the game usually doesn't end until someone, or two someones, end up slamming into something or each other while running and getting hurt. So far we've only sustained minimal injuries and had hours of enjoyment, so I'd say it's working out just fine.

I know I say this with every stage we hit around here, but so far this is the very best one. Even through all of the whining, fighting, and general toddler independence asserting, I'm loving almost every minute of it!


Denise Wheeler said...

How awesome that they are playing together more and hopefully that means a little less fighting. Those puppy and kitty ears are too cute.

Candace Hickey said...

I hope you had a nice birthday! The girls looks so cute! I love the pink Christmas tree...and the pictures of how the girls have grown over the years.
I may order one of those "My husband rocks" T-shirts!

JMT said...

Just enjoying seeing your girls growing and loving life like only kids can. Does it count if I buy my wife the "husband rocks" shirt? Probably not!

Dorinda said...

I know, I'm loving it too!! The girls are actually going down to the basement to play together. Julianna will say "come on, assa, play basement" - it is adorable! She won't go down alone :)

Angie said...

Those 15 minutes are precious indeed! I have been noticing the same thing around here.
The Thanksgiving pictures were wonderful. Glad you had a good day. We all have alot to be thankful for.

Sarah said...

I find your words encouraging! I hope my trio of boys will soon give me 15 min of independant playtime! The Christmas pics are adorable and this years dresses are so beautiful. Thank you to your family and husband for sacrificing for our country. It truely is appreciated and I will keep you all in our prayers! Sarah

Jennifer said...

how cute. i love seeing our kids begin to pretend play and make up games. ours too have lots of fun but the games tend to end with some bumps and tears.