Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Failed Mission

For the last several months... probably 6 or more, Maggie, Kate, and Sarah have only used their pacifiers when they are in bed. Recently when the 2 year molars were coming through they got into the habit of asking for them more often. In my weakness, I sometimes gave in. I discovered yesterday that two out of three of their pacis were becoming worn out and somewhat dangerous. Hence the mission.

After naps and a stop by the church playground so that we could see Election Day at our precinct and Mimi in action there, we stopped by the dairy barn to give the baby calves all our pacis. We were down, so I thought, to the last 3 in the house and everyone had a favorite. Sarah's was the "purple fower", Kate's was blue, and Maggie's was orange and green. If any of them was ever given the wrong one they would tell you in a hurry, "Eww, that's not my fa-brit".
They each handed their own paci over willingly. I had hoped to take just one last picture with them all together with their beloved pacis, but before I knew it Sarah had thrown hers in.
Maggie and Kate were right behind her, each giving theirs a good toss into the pen.
The cows and random stray chicken looked at them as if to say, "Now, just what are we supposed to do with these things?!?"

Satisfied that our mission was complete, the girls all turned and prepared to leave.
Maggie was the only one to question her decision right in the moment. She hung back after everyone else had turned to go and said she wanted her paci back, but Ella and I convinced her that the baby calves needed it....reeeeeal bad.

Then when bedtime was upon us they all started asking for their fa-brit pacis. I explained that we had given those to the calves... don't you remember, girls?

But after quite a bit of pitiful crying over lost pacis, I remembered a secret stash that I had and decided that if there were enough pacis there to go around I would just tackle this project another day. Very selfish and weak, I suppose, but I was assuming I'd be up with Ella on and off all night with her cough (like last night) and didn't want to add random crying over lost pacis to the evenings' festivities.

We'll get 'em next time... and I'll be sure to have the girls help me search the house for any strays or hidden stashes before we head back to the barn so that they won't t think they can just cry and make new ones appear. For now there are three little gals happily sleeping with pacis somewhere near their heads and one who is already starting to cough so I best go to bed myself!


Diana said...

They won't go to college packin there fabrit paci's - dare I say they won't even smuggle them into kindergarten, so you just don't give it another thought!
You're their mama and you provided them with the comfort they need. That's what good mamas do. They're still little! Don't feel bad about letting them, be so!

Angie said...

We have been thinking about getting rid of nuk's, however that is as far as it has gotten. I think about it really hard sometimes though. :) They only use them for naps and at nightime and I just can't seem to put any of us through the crying to take them away...
I hope Ella is feeling better!

Misty said...

We still do a night bottle for the same reason. I only have one that has to have her paci. I figure after their birthday, we'll start tackling it again. I'm sure it won't be pretty!

Laura said...

It was a good try for sure but you'll get it next time! The photo of the lone paci in the cow pen is too funny. Feel better Ella!

Nicole K. said...

Mary Beth,

You probably don't know me, but I'm a Cleveland girl. My parents own Smith's Soda Shop. I just had to let you know something about the pacis and I'm sure you'll think I'm crazy. You have to take them away when "the signs are right". This is something to do with the phases of the moon and the Farmer's Almanac. You can check out the Farmer's Almanac website and look for dates for certain events. If you need more info, just e-mail me at chadknott@alltel.net I used this method for 2 of my 3 sons for taking away pacis and bottles. My 3rd son is only 15 months old so he still has his paci.

Jessica Bell said...

Can I throw James' thumb in with the the cows?

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Anonymous said...

It was a really really good idea...sometimes that night crying-whew! Not fun...my 18 month old has been sleeping on the couch all week because of his molars. Everyone keeps telling me I shouldn't let him, but I am so tired!

I sympathize!

Mc Allen said...

awww, sweet girls. I have 4 girls and my baby (now 7) had the hardest time. She gave it up at 3 but I had one in my drawer and when she was 5 I cought her with the famous ring around her mouth,I asked her if she had seen it she told me no!! lol. Sometimes it just takes a while... Your doing great! LA

3 Peas N A Pod said...

I love the idea of giving the pacifiers to the calves. Gracie and Sarah still use a pacifier during naps and bedtime, but I have been considering taking it away. I like the idea of giving them away to someone/something that "needs" it. The next challenge is breaking Ellie of sucking her thumb. That will not be an easy task.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

That brings back so many memories. Ashlyn was a little over 2 when we put her binkies in a drawer and told her when she came home the binky fairy would have come and traded them for a surprise. I immediately took them out with the trash and burned them so I wouldn't chicken out. She was really excited when she saw the gifts the fairy had left but the next 2 nights were a little rough. It was so sad.

With the triplets, Brooke sucks her thumb and Gaby and Ryan both had a binky. At about 12 months Ryan started throwing his out of the crib and crying for us to come and get it. That was it, I tossed them all. Gaby didn't even complain but Ryan screamed for at least 2 nights. I'm so glad to have it behind me now but I sympathize with you. That is a tough milestone. It makes you feel like they are really not babies anymore.

Good luck.