Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Giveaways

I've mentioned here before that I do all my blog reading via Bloglines. Well, I discovered today that there has been a glitch preventing me from seeing new posts up from one of my favorite sites, 5 Minutes 4 Mom.

It looks like I checked it out just in time too, because they have been having their Christmas Giveaways going on basically all month long. They end tomorrow, I think, so if like me you haven't checked them out yet, better get over there quick and enter to win some great Christmas prizes!!

Christmas Giveaway Gifts 240x240


Ms. ~K said...

I just wanted to reply to your comment on my blog today.

Knowing you and your girls, their thankfulness for "loved ones", instead of "things", doesn't surprise me at all.
All they have ever experienced is multitudes of people who want to love them...and they have always accepted and returned that love graciously, just like Mama.
Happy Thanksgiving!