Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Caring Corners House

A few months ago Whitney from contacted me about reviewing a dollhouse that is, "very cute, interactive (read: talking) dollhouse that teaches manners, sharing and other good behaviors, including being charitable".

My response was something like, "Of course... what mom doesn't like toys that teach manners and charity?" So Whitney sent it to us, and this toy didn't disappoint.

Once the Mrs. Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse arrived, I set out late one evening after the girls were in the bed to get it all set up. There was a little bit of assembly required, but I read and followed the directions with no trouble. One of the first things I took note of was the fact that the doll house comes encased in a large sturdy box with a handle and the recommendation that your child fill the box with clothes and toys they have outgrown to give away to other children who may need them. The people at Caring Corners have even coordinated with Goodwill stores nationwide and when children bring their CaringCorners boxes filled with giveaway goods, they will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Goodwill with a secret code to unlock special activities at So, before the girls had ever played with it, as a mom I was already impressed!

The following day I was amazed to watch as all four of my girls played together with the dollhouse. There are hundreds of activities, songs, and sounds that entertained them from within it's 12 different rooms. Because of all the different activities and large area once unfolded, the girls played for a comparatively long time before fights broke out. Even now, after the newness has worn off, they will still play with the doll house and accessories for quite a long time uninterrupted.... which is always nice!

Our only negative incident with the dollhouse occurred when a newly potty trained Sarah attempted to use the 1" potty herself. Fortunately I caught her while she was still trying to remove the necessary clothing and explained that even though it flushes and sounds real, it is NOT for her to use!!

For those with children just a little bit older than mine, there is a key with a secret code on it that can be used to unlock special games and activities on the Internet through that encourages children to display positive social behaviors such as sharing, caring, and preparing for responsibility through online game play.

And the very best part about doing this review was the fact that the people from Caring Corners sent us not one but two doll houses and accessories sets, with the request that in addition to doing this review, we will also find a charity organization or family to whom we'll donate the other set! I have discussed it with Ella, and she and I are going to select a family with little girls off the Angel Tree this year so that we can include this wonderful treat with the clothes and other goodies we give them to make their Christmas just a little bit brighter.

In our house full of girls, we own several different doll houses, and this one is definitely the girls' favorite. The fact that my girls are playing together, learning to use their manners, and being encouraged to give to others makes the Mrs. Goodbee Doll house tops in my book as well! You can find more information about Caring Corners and all their products at

We're looking forward to passing along a little bit of this joy to another family, and I'll post about our experiences with the Angel Tree soon. Thanks RookieMoms and Caring Corners!


Laura said...
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Laura said...

What an amazing product and I love the fact that even the box that the dollhouse came in is to be used to give back to others.

Dorinda said...

Very cool! I've never heard of it. Thanks for passing the info. along :)

Denise Wheeler said...

How awesome is that? Very cool. I just might have to look into one for my little princess. I am sure her brothers would play with it as well.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

That's so funny that she wanted to pee in the potty.

The doll house looks really cute. I'm sure my kids would like it, but they would still find something to fight over.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets said...

We had a Sleeping Beauty and Belle too! (We went for tinkerbelle for Isabelle).

I see you removed a comment. Are you having a phantom rude commentor too? I've read a couple of blogs who have had some issues tonight.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets