Monday, August 11, 2008

Dear Dad,

We just wanted you to know that we celebrated your birthday for you, in your absence, all day long. It started early this morning with round after round of Happy Bir-day Da-dee and ended with a candlelit dinner of home made pizza in your honor. After we sang the blessing over our food, the discussion and singing quickly reverted back to Happy Bir-day Da-dee and wondering what you were doing today to celebrate.

We drove past the little grass strip airport near home yesterday, and all the girls got excited. They started talking furiously about Da-dee's airpane and when you were going to fly in there. I explained to them that your plane is just too big to fly into the little grass strip here (aside from the fact that your plane has nothing to do with your work at present). Numerous times over the last 2 days I've heard them explain to anyone who would listen that your plane is just too big... hence the reason you have not been home in going on a month, in their minds, I think.

We hope that you've managed to celebrate your own birthday with even half the enthusiasm and excitement that we have! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get any of their rousing renditions of Happy Bir-day Da-dee on video, but grateful that you were at least able to hear it four or five times over the speaker phone.

Happy Birthday Super Dad!!
All our love,
MaryBeth and the girls


Misty said...

Thinking of you and your crew. It sounds like a great birthday celebration. I hope your hubby gets home soon.

Dorinda said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!! I know he must be missing all of you on his big day. I'm sorry we missed the girl's song - priceless. Glad Scott got to hear it anyway! Still thinking of you and praying for you. Just 11 months (maybe less) to go...

Denise Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday Daddy!! I hope it was a as good as possible.

CMB said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday from us here in NJ as well!

Christie said...

Happy Birthday to Scott!

MB...I loved your post about the girls talking. That must have melted your heart. How sweet. So much fun to watch them interact more with each other and develop a friendship.