Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oops, We Forgot...

Yesterday Scott and I took all the girls to the library for storyhour and the Valentine's Day Party. Ella had stayed up extra late the night before making her delightful, homemade cards for all her "friends" at storyhour. She had an especially cheery/sunny disposition on Monday morning as a result... insert sarcasm here. In our haste to pack everyone and our yummy treats to share into the car, we forgot to bring the Valentine's cards!! It was a bummer, but I guess that will keep us from having to stay up making new ones before going to storyhour at the other library on Thursday. Don't worry, in order to prevent the same thing from happening again, the cards are already riding around in my vehicle.

Today an old friend of mine from school dropped by to see the girls. She is expecting her first baby in March. Her due date is the same as mine was with Ella. She brought along with her a 6 pack of cup cakes from the Ingles bakery... the ones loaded with frosting, frosting, and more frosting. I actually let the girls enjoy them (minus the frosting for Maggie, Kate, and Sarah) this afternoon. Here's a photo of the damage so that I won't forget to return the favor when baby boy is around 2 years old. Ha, ha!!

Notice Ella has taken a big glob of the purple frosting and done some finger painting on my table.... again, she's so sahwee.

Finally, a few pictures from our stellar "Daddy's not home dinner" tonight, where we ate cereal and Sarah FORGOT her manners.


Brandi said...

First of all, let me just say that after seeing you guys in action the other day, I was pretty impressed. I expecially liked the one move where you're already holding one kid and you go to pick up another one with one arm! I would dislocate both our arms if I tried that one. All and all I think it went pretty well, minus Raegan and Kate's crayon eating contest. Anyway, the playgroup is the one that Robyn (from stroy hour) is in charge of. Yesterday was the firt time we went, Raegan was the youngest there, there was another baby but he had an older sister there. There were lots of kids that were about Ella's age though. Raegan didn't play any of the big kid games, she mostly just wanted to play with the balloons, she had fun though. We met at our church yesterday, but I'm not sure where/when they meet each week. Robyn usually sends out e-mails, so I can let her know if you are interested. We might start going to Cleveland story hour later on when she gets more used to it.

JMT said...

I LOVE the cereal bowl to the face picture! Now that is enjoying your food.