Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blessed and Busy

Yesterday at Babyland I experienced my first awful comment. We get lots of comments and stares from total strangers when we're out in public, but most of the time people just say... "You've got your hands full, don't you?" or "How do you manage?" Yesterday I actually overheard a guy say to his wife that he would shoot himself in the face if he were me! Really!?! The girls were being busy, but not too loud, not too clingy, not too wild, actually just enjoying their surroundings... Babyland General Hospital is many a little girl's dream place, afterall. I did not let on that I had heard him because I wasn't quite sure what to say. My thoughts and prayers were immediately, Thank you God that I am blessed with these little girls and not that fella over there!!!

Moving on to a much more pleasant topic... Ella has been working on her "school work" again this week. In the afternoons when the little ones are napping, she and I have been coloring, doing her starfall work, as she calls it, putting together puzzles, and cooking. She is a complete sponge! I am amazed every day by her capacity to learn, remember, and absorb new things. Even though she says she isn't interested in going to school, I think she will really love it once she gets there.

On Thursday Scott was working. In the evening before bedtime Ella and I were chatting. She mentioned missing her daddy all day. I agreed with her. Then she said, "Well, we got to see your dad and your mom, Mimi and Pop, today." I said, yes indeed, we did. Then she said, "You are one lucky girl!". Don't I know it!!!

I realized tonight at dinner time that Kate has a new word. Mom was trying to help all the girls get started eating while I was fixing my plate. Kate kept trying to hold her Mimi's and Maggie's hands while saying, "ble ble ble" over and over again. When I sat down at the table I realized that she was simply reminding us to say the blessing! How sweet is that?

Maggie, Kate, and Sarah are almost completely feeding themselves with utensils now. It has been (and continues to be) a messy transition, but it is also quite freeing. Now we are able to sit down and all eat at the same time. So nice.... it's the little things that make a mom happy, you know?


Brandi said...

It's no accident that you were blessed with four sweet little girls and that jerk wasn't. God knows who can handle what, and obviously that guy didn't even know how to handle himself in public.

Kim said...

What a life you have four little girls who know they are loved beyond measure and who recognize how amazingly blessed thier mommy is to have the family she has. There is a reason that God has blessed you with this life and not those Crazy people who wouldn't recognize a blessing if it slapped them in the face. Thank you Marybeth for being a wonderful example of what God created motherhood to be. By the way, please send Ella to my house more often. Emma and I love having her around.

JMT said...

I have not had my 3 in public yet, so I have had no experience with rude comments. You handled it well and someone so clueless does not deserve a response. As a dad I hope I will be as calm when my girls get inappropriate comments in the future.