Monday, November 26, 2007

If Mama Ain't Bloggin', She Must Be Sick

I got an email from Gamma today with a subject line that was the same as the title of this post. Sad but true. I finally caught the girl's cold from a week or two ago and they still all have runny noses, but the bigger reason I've not been blogging lately has been the fact that I don't have 3 minutes to myself during the hours of 7am and 6:30pm most days. By the time everyone goes to bed at night I am just too tired to sit down and consider what has happened here that might be blog worthy. Ella has been boycotting naps again for about a week.... today after a serious war that included her winning several of the battles, she ended up falling asleep on the couch with cartoons on in the background and her paci in her mouth! All three babies are presently asleep, but they are in a terrible "in between" stage where they really don't need both the morning and afternoon nap. After tomorrow's 15 month check-up (which was scheduled for 1:30pm so that we can see the doc we want) I plan to start working our way to only an afternoon nap. I hope they transition into it well, and quickly, because I don't know how much more of the sleepless, always have at least one baby and child awake during daylight hours, days I can take!

Kate, pictured above, when I went in to get her after 45 minutes of supposed morning napping today. She went to bed fully clothed, and somehow managed to take off both her jeans and t-shirt... she's only 15 months old, I don't remember Ella starting this phase quite so early?!? Help?
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Candace said...

Kate is early! Rebekah started this stage around 20/ 21 months and is still in it! My fear is related to the fact that she can wiggle out of her diaper as well.

Great for potty time (if I had time), but she's not consistent enough yet.

I personally put her in pajamas with feet (which she cried about, not being able to get out of them - until she figures out the zipper..., but I'm not drawing attention to it yet). During the day, shirts that still snap between her legs.

You'd think shoes would help keep pants on, but she can get those and socks off as well. I've found the shoes with stretchy stuff across the top work pretty good!


Christie McGovern said...

Uh-oh MaryBeth! Good luck to you this week with the nap transition. I dread that time and know that it is coming in the next couple months. Yesterday mine took really short naps and my house was a complete disaster after they had been up for so many hours. Let me know how you keep them occupied!!!