Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I thought I would take a minute to give the update that Kate is actually looking much better this evening as I wait to give her a midnight dose of Benadryl. She has continued to be in great spirits all day today despite the rash, so things are definitely headed in the right direction.

In other news... Kate walked all the way across Ella's room today. She has been our hold out on the walking front until now. I realized over the weekend that perhaps she had no reason to walk because I was carrying her everywhere since the other two are toddling around so well. I tested out the theory since Sunday, and voila' today she is walking.... just needed a little bit of encouragement.

Maggie, Kate, and Sarah have a couple of new favorite games. They all love to take their lovies out of the bed and then lie down on them and pretend to go to sleep. It is so cute. They close their eyes about half way and then look up at you to make sure you are still watching. Kate loves to climb up into a rocking chair and sing "Rock a Bye Baby". Sarah walks in circles singing "Ring Around the Rosy". Maggie and Sarah both have a new found appreciation for falling down as a result of their love for "Ring Around the Rosy". They actually sit down then lean way back with their arms extended out behind them and "fall". The funniest thing is how proud they all seem to be of themselves. I'm going to have to get some of this on video!

Time to go dose up the baby, and then off to bed until the 6am dose...