Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

I have been TAGGED ( sort of like those emails where you tell things about yourself, which I never do, by the way) by "Hi My Name Is Mommy" over at Triple the Blessings to create a post of random things about myself. I don't know for sure how I feel about tagging or being tagged to write about certain things on the blog, especially since this is going to be my baby book for the girls one day. However, I thought since this was the first one I've ever gotten I'd accept the challenge for a change, and who knows, the girls may be interested to know some of these things eventually.

Eight Random Facts About Me- In No Certain Order

1- As a little girl I always imagined I'd be a mom to four or five boys. I also thought I'd have a set of twins because my great grandmother on one side of my family was a twin and my great aunts on the other side are twins. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being the mother of triplets... much less the ring leader of a house full of girls!!

2- In my previous life I drove 2+ hours one way several days a week to work as a chemical sales rep in paper mills in Alabama. We lived in Birmingham and the two mills I called on were in Courtland and Selma. I had to have the oil changed in my company car at least once a month because I put so many miles on it... now my great big Expedition only requires an oil change about twice a year! I wore steel toe boots and a hard hat to work..... I even donned my coveralls and crawled in to inspect the internals of a boiler during an outage after I was pregnant with Ella!

3- SHAG is my very favorite old girls night movie. We used to watch it over and over again when I was growing up. My friend Heather recently gave me a copy of it on DVD, and I'm trying to schedule a girls night with my friends Amanda and Suzanne to come over and watch it again... for old times sake.

4- I have to travel about an hour to meet up with the closest mom's of multiples.... hopefully when the girls are old enough for playgroups we'll manage to find/ make one of our own much closer to home!

5- After college I went to grad school at UNC-Chapel Hill because I didn't know what else to do?!? I just knew I wasn't ready to join the work force. I started out in the 5 year PhD program in Analytical Chemistry but decided after only a few short months that research REALLY wasn't for me, and I already knew that I didn't want to teach. At that point, instead of just cutting my losses and leaving empty handed, I decided to stick it out for an MS degree. I'm grateful I did because I made some wonderful lifetime friends during the rest of that year. Scott was busy with RANGER school during most of that time anyway. Other than the wonderful experiences and the diversion from worrying about Scott, having my MS from Chapel Hill also helped me get the only real job I've had out in the world.... even though I didn't really use my degree ever.

6- I can't wear battery powered analog watches.... after about 2 days of wear they run counter-clockwise on my wrist.

7- I'm fortunate enough to be married to my best friend. We met in college, fell in love, spent a year apart, and then finally married in August 1999. Thanks, in part, to the ARMY, we have lived in 6 different places in our 8 years of marriage. We got one great dog, Bandit after we arrived home from our honeymoon. Five years and several moves later, we began to expand our little family. Together we've made four of the most precious children we could have ever hoped for. I remember the day we were married... how totally in love I was, but I can't even measure how that love pales in comparison with the love I have for Scott today!

8- I really hate admitting when I don't know something. When I was younger, I was often guilty of just making stuff up (hey, as long as it sounded good, right). Now, at least I think, I'm much more likely to either look up the answer or figure out the correct answer first and then respond.

Okay, there you have it. Think I'll TAG some of my favorite blogging buddies, but keep in mind, if you don't feel like playing along it is fine by me... usually I don't either! If I've not tagged you and you want to play be sure to send me a comment so I'll know to look for your info. Now TAG YOU'RE IT-
LeAnne atOne Big Brother, One Little Sister, Whitney at Unterwagner Triplets, and all the girls from my same age group triplets moms on yahoo who have blogs... too many to list them all out, but you know who you are!


hi my name is mommy said...

Ahhhh, thanks for playing along! I enjoyed learning those things about you. The watch running counter clockwise is very interesting. I have never heard that one before!

Thanks again!