Monday, September 3, 2007

Lunch Fun

We had lunch at the girls favorite spot in town- Burger King. During the heat of summer and cold of winter I must admit that their AC'd indoor playground is a lifesaver. We were lucky enough to meet Kay, Brian, Donna, Nick, & Mike there for lunch today before heading to the grocery store for our weekly shopping run. Since we had such a playground full of helpers my hands were free, and I was able to take some pictures. I didn't manage to catch Ella because she spent the whole time way up high, but I got each of the babies doing their thing. The pictures are in this order: Sarah, Kate, Kate, and Maggie wearing her sunglasses... yes, not only does she wear hats, she will also wear sunglasses, hair bows, etc.... at least one of my 4 girls will. I must say that the lunch/play portion went a lot smoother today than did the grocery part, but overall it wasn't too bad. I guess because we shop at the same store every week they are finally getting used to us there, and at least the dumb never ending comments are lessening with each trip because now they mainly only come from the other patrons of the store. Although there is one cashier who has told me at least 15 times that she had twins and could not have made it with triplets. My answer is always the same, "You could have it that's what God had given you."
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Whitney said...

Whew - I had a lot of catching up to do with your blog tonight! It looks like you have been busy. Hope you have a great week!