Monday, September 17, 2007


"Check out my filthy dress. Isn't it hilarious", she says!?!

"I'm taking these glasses off, immediately."
Even though she's not shining it in any of these photos, Kate is still our girl with the million dollar smile! She can light up a room in a hurry with it. She is often in the middle of things, but can play very well by herself. She doesn't need a lot of attention to be happy, but it is a real pleasure to snuggle on her. She loves to give kisses to all the baby dolls, and anytime there is something soft on the floor she makes a bee-line over and piles onto it. She currently has 7 or 8 teeth, I think. She also likes to know where Ella is at all times... Kate calls after her big sister constantly. In a lot of ways Kate is the most easy going little girl we've got... thank goodness there's at least one!
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