Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flashdance & A Flashback

I intended to post this picture day before yesterday of Ella after her time of "rest", ha, ha. She was dressed normally when she entered her room for a nap, and when she came into the babies room to find me an hour later she was dressed like she belonged in the Flashdance video. We laugh often at the fact that with Ella's choice in clothes and accessories we fear she may have missed her generation... she's a true child of the 80's!
Tonight as I was preparing to get in the shower I had a flashback to 6 months ago... to a time when I first began to spend small amounts of time alone with all of my children. In order for me to shower and not have the whole family/neighborhood up here making sure everything was okay, I had to first call a couple of them and alert them to the fact that I would be unable to answer the phone. It seems that in little flashes I can remember how hard last year was, but fortunately most of it is a blur... the hard part anyway.
I certainly wouldn't trade our new challenges for our old ones. I absolutely love the little people that the girls are turning into. I think Maggie, Kate, & Sarah are doing things sooner than Ella did, and my only guess as to why is that they have each other and Ella to look to and therefore only have to make a quarter of the mistakes to reach the desired results... it probably doesn't hurt that they have a good leader in Ella either. For example, the babies are now about the age Ella was when we settled into our new lives here and introduced her to her favorite play place, Burger King. I distinctly remember that she wasn't able to make it up onto the first level without help, and yet all three of the babies, when given the opportunity, are able to crawl up the slides, through the entire easy level, and really cover some ground there.
Final important note for the day is that Maggie has begun walking. She's only taking a few cautious steps away from the furniture at a time, but she's doing it all on her own. She looks so proud! I'll try to catch her on video soon.
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Carolyn said...

Walking is fun, yet your nerves are always on the edge.

WWG said...

Hi, Good photos! Good blog !
Look from Quebec Canada

WWG :)