Friday, August 24, 2007

Tomorrow's the Big Bash

We've been gearing up for weeks now. Guests have been trickling in from out of town since yesterday afternoon. Maggie, Kate, & Sarah can sense that something special is going on. Ella can tell you what that something special is... "Mag, Kate, and Say-uh are having a first birthday, and I'm having a half birthday party!" The countdown is just about up- the party is all set for tomorrow evening, and the official big birthday is Monday. I will have plenty of pictures to share probably by Sunday, and I've almost got my 1 year's worth of pictures in a slide show to post on Monday.

So, we've had lots going on. While we've got all these joyous things going on here, our friends the Turner's have been struggling with their sweet little baby girls. Two have been moved to a much larger children's hospital for NEC and one is still in the NICU at their birth hospital. I know Jen must be so anxious to have all her girls healthy and home. Please say a prayer for them.

On a lighter note, Aunt Kari arrived last night and brought gifts. The best toy ever invented... a Little Tykes Jump-N-Slide! These girls have been wild about it. They are crazy about sliding down the slide and climbing back up. It was actually raining yesterday when Kari got here so we just set it up in the living room. It barely fits; it is so big! I see this as the toy that saved winter, and rainy days, and days like recent ones which it is over 100 degrees and way too hot to go outside. It is good for getting their energy out!! They love it, and I love it!! Thank you Aunt Kari!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Blair Bunch! Hope you guys have a great day.
Kimberly and the GA Guinn Trips