Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Baby BootCamp

Maggie explains how things work around here
Our house has been referred to as many things over the last 10 months, but for the first time this past weekend it was BABY BOOT CAMP. My friend and roommate from grad school was visiting, and she was eager to get the full baby experience X 3. I think she got a baby girl overdose. She is expecting her first, and they aren't finding out the sex of their baby so we'll all get to be surprised when the little bean arrives in late November... I'm sure she'll figure out what to do for a boy even though all her training here consisted of girls, girls, girls. After spending 48 hours in our household I think she'll feel like she's on easy street once the infant phase wears off. She is intelligent, compassionate, and most importantly loving so I know she'll make an excellent mother! The last time I saw her I was only four months pregnant with Ella so lots has changed with me. We saw each other then at her wedding so it wasn't like we had time to spend chatting and catching up. Thankfully in the evenings once the kiddos were all asleep we did have some time this weekend to hear about what's new in each other's lives... besides the obvious. It was really wonderful to spend a little time with an old friend and introduce her to my crew. We hope she had as much fun as we did!! Thanks for coming and we can't wait to hear all about your new little one!!