Thursday, May 24, 2007

We've Come a Long Way, Babies!

I asked Scott to help me retrieve some pictures I had taken with the digital camera while the card wasn't in last week. I found them this afternoon... along with a couple of other amazingly old photos that hed also been lost in the depths of the camera. I had to share them. It is just amazing how big these girls have gotten over the last 9 months. Guess I should have saved these for a few more days and posted on the actual 9 month birthday, but I just couldn't resist. Perhaps I'll come up with some sort of photo collage for Sunday, hmmmmm........
My friend Sara was here today so she took a couple of me and all the girls for our now shot. It isn't the best picture, but in all the others I seemed to be the only person smiling... in fact, E and S were making such mean faces they could both get a job scaring people for a living.

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