Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, Busy Sunday

Sunday's are our busiest day of the week! Sunday is the only day of the week that E can tell you what goes on... it's church day for us. Even when I wasn't able to go because of RSV season and not getting the babies out, she went with Mimi. This morning we decided to load up and take all the girls. The babies hadn't been in quite some time. They wore their new dresses Ms. Debbie gave them. (Thank you Debbie. They looked very cute, I must say.) Everyone was impressed with how notably they have changed in the past couple months. They were all good and made it all the way through the service... of course, we started out with bottles and ended with Gerber Puffs. (If anyone knows of a cheaper substitute for Puffs, please share. I also use Cheerios, but the puffs seem easier for them to handle right now.) E made it through the children's sermon, maybe a little longer, but that is about her limit even on good days.

After church, lunch, and naps we all went to Mimi's to play by the pool which has recently been opened for the season. S loved the ice cold water (only about 72 degrees) and wanted to jump out of my arms. M had only lukewarm feelings for dangling her feet in. K wanted absolutely nothing to do with it... can't say as I blame her, it was too cold for me too! Because of the mixed reactions to the big pool, we put about 1/2" of water in the baby pool to warm and then let them all try it out later. It was a big hit with M and S, but still not K. She stayed inside most of the time. E worked hard alongside Mimi getting the big pool all fixed up. It is hard to fathom what it will be like this time next year when I'm trying to keep up with all four of the girls at the pool.... definately something that I won't be doing unless there are equally as many adults as children, I suppose.

We ended up the day by going to dinner with Mimi, Pop, DoDah, Scott, the girls, and I. It was a terrible ride there and back... thankfully we only went to a place 15 minutes or so from here. Each time only one baby was screaming, and it was a different baby both times, but really one is all it takes! I think it was too much for Scott, as all he said on the way home over the loud crying was , "Guess it'll be a while before we go to Thomasville." Hopefully not, but I don't think even I could ride for hours on end with all that noise.