Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Dr. and Mrs. Peacock with S

Cayden not cooperating

M and K


Mimi and S

Last night M and K gave me a gag gift for Mother's Day... tag team crying from 11:30pm to 3:30am. Awful and defeating just barely begin to describe it considering they had been sleeping through the night for the last month or so. Perhaps they were just feeling a little under the weather or I was afraid they were and went in too soon to check on them the first time. Who knows? All I know is I hope that things go back to the way they have been soon.... 6:30pm to 6:30am all babies asleep! I think I need that for my sanity. However, as I sat in the nursery holding M (one of the times that K wasn't actually crying too), I realized how very much I miss holding just one baby... I hope and pray that these girls are not being slighted by my having them three at one time. Actually, I know they are getting less of me, but hopefully what they will have in the closeness of sisterhood will make up for anything they are lacking. I know E had tons of one on one time at this age. They are such fun, snuggly, cuddle bugs right now. Soon enough they'll be toddlers and constantly on the move like big sis... I just ache for the one on one time to spend with each of them. As they grow older I'll probably devise some system for making one day of the week "belong" to each child, but for now I'll just continue to steal all the time I can to love on them every day and enjoy every second of it.

Other than last night's crying jag and the fact that Scott was away on a trip for work, this was a perfect Mother's Day Weekend...all thanks to my AWESOME friend Joan. She devotes a weekend each month to coming over from Athens to spend time taking care of the babies, making E & I waffles, and just generally making life easier on me. This in turn makes life easier on my mom too because she can feel free to do whatever she wants without worrying that I'm home alone with my 4 kiddos, and for that I am especially greatful. E and I did a little shopping and went to her favorite park on Saturday. While we were gone Joan tried her best to teach the babies to say Mama to no avail. S babbles all the time... mostly dadadada. K loves to screech and shrill. M is pretty quiet and sneaky still. I'll definatley post a message when someone says Mama for the first time. Sorry that it didn't happen this weekend, Joan!

We had a great time today visiting with family for special Mother's Day meals. After church E went to Nanny and Pop C.'s to have lunch with her cousin Cayden. They love to play together every chance they get. Then she played with her cousin Joshua at Granny Ruth's this afternoon. Finally we had dinner at Uncle Al & Aunt Ginny's this evening. Again E got to play with Cayden and was as bossy as ever. She got flustered with him at one point and said, "He is just NOT cooperating!" Poor boys... she is quite the mother hen. An added bonus to this evening with all our cousins was that some other family friends were there, and my childhood pediatrician actually got to meet my girls! I'll attach some photos... one is Dr. Peacock holding S.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in our lives!


Whitney said...

Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like you had a great day. I hope the sleep situation has gotten better!


MaryBeth said...

thanks whitney,
happy late mother's day to you too! things were better sunday night and then again last night... just a bad night saturday i suppose. do you have 3 walkers yet?