Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hump Day

Me holding sleepy M
Rub a dub dub, three babies in a tub

Miss Kelli having her toenails done

After my lament the other day about not ever getting to hold a sleeping baby, M fell asleep while I was feeding her tonight. Scott kindly snapped a picture so that we have record of my holding her while she was sleeping. It felt great to have a sleeping baby in my arms!
The last couple of nights we've been bathing all the babies in the big tub instead of using the baby tub. They absolutely love playing in the water together. Hopefully soon I'll be able to shoot a video of them enjoying themselves, but they are still not steady enough for my hands to be that tied up... probably not too long though.
Finally, I wanted to include a picture of E and Miss Kelli having a spa session at our place. I am pretty sure that much more polish ended up on Kelli's skin than on her nails, but E was thrilled to have someone to "practice" on, and I had a bottle of polish remover handy (turns out that was as much fun as the polishing). I usually only let her use a makeup brush with water... Kelli's soooo much cooler than me!