Monday, January 23, 2012

Something Old

I have a very talented husband. Several months ago we treated ourselves to a long overdue king sized matress upgrade. The only trouble was we couldn't agree on a new bed to go with it. After a little debate and a lot of Pinterest perusing we decided that perhaps an old door would serve as our new headboard.

Thankfully Mimi had a few old doors stashed away at the dairy barn, so we got started... and by we I mean mostly Scott. I really hate that we did not take any before photos. It was such a filthy mess to begin with. I got to help on several days while the girls were in school (boy am I going to miss that next year), but mostly I did easy jobs while Scott had to do all the measuring, cutting, nailing, figuring, etc. I think the finished product turned out beautifully!! I am so proud of Scott and his determination to do absolutely anything he sets his mind to.... Thanks babe!


Ms. ~K said...

I love it...very creative and unique, like YOU!!! :)
Good job, Scott!

akal0426 said... 1 2
You have to see once a YouTube.