Friday, September 2, 2011

A Summer South GA Trip

In addition to all the individual dates that Scott and the girls shared this past July, he also made a trip down to south Georgia to see his family. As usual, Ella and Sarah were eager to travel, and Maggie and Kate opted to stay home with me.

The girls took their bikes with newly removed training wheels and chalked up a few hours in the early mornings and late evenings riding along the sidewalks near Gamma's. Not even one knee was skinned upon their return.

They didn't seem to mind the scraggly, bearded face of July as much as I did.... case in point, Ella was still willing to be hugged right up to it cheek to cheek.

They spent some time at Gamma's antique shop. She has several baby carriages so I'm sure they pushed their babies around and around the place. As nerve wracking as it is for the girls to play around in the antique shop with all the breakables, it's got nothing on the days of letting Bandit off his leash in there!?! What were we thinking??

They even had a nice visit with Scott's dad's side of the family... lots more picture posing than Ella or Sarah either one was very happy with by that point I'm sure.
Back at home I was amazed at how easy it was to only have 2 little people with me during the day. While the others were away, my sweet Kate and Maggie were just as happy as a couple of little larks to play together. They even snuggled up in the same bed while Sarah was missing from their room. I truly don't think they fought or argued over one single thing the whole time!

Kate was randomly giggling from the back of the Expedition one afternoon, and when I asked her what was so funny she just smiled, reached over to grab Maggie's hand, and said, "I'm just so happy to have my Maggie!" Melted my heart right on the spot....

I am sure that Ella and Sarah fared almost as well for the trip, but we were all certainly glad to be reunited when they arrived home once again.


Ms. ~K said...

Hey MB,
I just spent the past 30 minutes catching up with y' many wonderful memories being made!

Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers this past week.