Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hilton Head Island 2011

We had another fantastic time at Hilton Head in July. As usual, our routine was breakfast, bike, beach, pool, lunch, rest, beach, pool, bike to dinner, crash.... rinse and repeat 3 or 4 times with only a little variation. This was the first summer that we've had 4 full fledged swimmers on our hands, so that made everything "way more fun". For the first time ever, we spent one morning playing putt-putt. Whew, that was exhausting! Another first was the girls actively trying to make friends with other kids we met on the beach and at the pool ... also great fun! They found lots of little girls and even several little boys that didn't mind being friends with a whole gaggle of sisters. Scott helped each of the girls take turns learning to ride on the boogie board. Ella became quite good at it, and after making a new friend one day tried to ride off into the sunset with her new friend on the board. That was a completely new nerve wracking experience for this mama who is used to having her girls hover very nearby at all times!

On this trip the girls became very eager to ride their own bikes... guess those carriers are getting a little bit cramped! So we told them that when they learned to ride without training wheels they could bring their bikes and not ride in the carriers anymore. Guess what? The minute we got home we removed them and within a week all four of our kiddos were riding their bikes sans training wheels!! Perhaps those should be the next pictures I post?!?


Dorinda said...

I'm finally catching up :) All your photos are great! How are the girls doing with school? Are they going 5 full days? How are you doing with the "quiet" :)

MaryBeth said...

Hi Dorinda,
I have several more posts before I'll be caught up with all our summer adventures, but now that I have some time to sit down and think during the daylight hours I have been working on it. Yes, they go 5 full days a week. The girls are loving kindergarten, and they have a fabulous teacher who lets me come in to volunteer without notice any time I want. I've been staying each morning for a little while and usually going in early to pick them up and doing some things to help the teacher out. I love being in there with them!! As for the rest of my time, I'm able to get done in the hours during the day while they are at school more than I was able to accomplish in a week's time with all my helpers.