Monday, April 4, 2011

Kids Say Funny Things

One day in recent history Maggie passed gas, looked up startled, and said, "Well that's a fill-miliar sound around here."

Kate came screeching into the kitchen and said, "Mom, can I please use your potty... ours is occupated."

After being sick and unable to eat for 3 days Ella finished off an entire plate full of French toast and said, "That was a stupendous breakfast mom. Thanks!"

Now that the sun dresses are hanging in one of the closets Sarah never has trouble deciding on what SHE wants to wear. We are regularly butting heads about what is weather appropriate and not. On a particularly cool morning when she picked out a sleeveless dress and I was working to redirect her to something more weather fitting she said, "Mom, are you TRYING to make me look like a dork??"

I overheard the funniest conversation while dropping Ella off at school this morning. The kids at her table were all chatting and writing about what they did over spring break. A cute little girl who sits across from Ella said, "We were going to see a movie Friday, but then we found out it had language in it." The little guy next to Ella inquired, "What kind of language... like Spanish or something?" The puzzled little girl simply responded with a shrug. It was very funny real time, but I'm not sure it translates well in the retelling.

Little people just crack me up!!


Ms. ~K said...

Oh, I needed that laugh today!!! :)

Candace said...

Gotta love the innocence of children - Spanish? - LOL!