Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy About Shoes, Clothes, and All Things Daddy Related

All four of my girls are just crazy over shoes.... their size, my size, fancy, heels, or flip flops, does not matter, they are just crazy over shoes.

So you can imagine the squeals of delight they made as we opened a package from their Daddy a few weeks ago and they saw these...

Scott sent each of the girls their own little curly toe'd pair of Afghan shoes. They were so excited, that is, at least until they tried to put them on. Maggie's disappointment was the most obvious as she cried, "I just can't get my big step-sister foot into this little thing!" Poor little gal cried and cried until she realized that Ella's shoes were also too small, and she would therefore be allowed to wear E's. Maggie wore them to school, to church, and around town, but she always packs a back-up for playgrounds because she doesn't want the fancy ones to get dirty.

Much to the girls' delight, Scott tried again with the next larger size on the shoes so everyone would have a properly fitting pair. In addition to the shoes, this time he sent little outfits. Ella wasn't quite sure what to think of hers at first. She loves the fancy aspects of it, but she isn't too keen on being so "different".

When the original package arrived a few weeks ago, Scott also included a beautiful green Cashmere scarf for me. After glancing in the box at the luxurious fabric of the scarf and all the gold thread on the shoes she exclaimed, "Daddy must be really rich now!" When I asked her why she would say that she said, "Well, just look at all these fine things he's sending to us!" It was like she was saying, "Duh, mom... can't you see?"

When Scott heard about Ella's comments he got the message to her quickly that even if he didn't have a dime, he would be rich.... so very rich!
I couldn't agree more!!


Ms. ~K said...

Love the embroidery...
Yes, you and Dad are indeed RICH!!!!

Laura said...

I totally agree; you and Scott are definitely RICH!

Stephanie said...

Those outfits are BEAUTIFUL...and so fun for dress-up!

How many more months/weeks/days until your husband returns?