Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary earlier this month. Since Kari and James were back in town (they've finally moved home, woohoo), we all took Mimi and Pop Dickie out to dinner to celebrate.

It was the first time that we took Maggie, Kate, Sarah, and Ella to a really nice restaurant for an evening meal, and they all did great!

After dinner we strolled around the quaint little town square and the girls got all their sillies out before we headed back to Mimi and Pop's for a late night dip in the pool.

Of course I didn't take any pictures of the 38 years later still happy couple.... so I'm hoping these cute pictures of the grand kids will make up for it. However, if I'd had my blogging cap on that day I would certainly have snapped at least a few of the rest of our crew.

Mimi and Pop,
You guys make a great team. Thanks for the loving example you are setting for all of us!
MB and the girls


Laura said...

Happy belated anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

Stephanie said...

Those bench pictures are adorable! What fun to have 4 girls! :)

Dorinda said...

Wow! They have gotten SOO big - I can't believe your trio is almost 4. Where did the time go??

joven said...

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